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  • Blood Orange Sugar Body…
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    Using a scrub 3-4 times a week promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage. Exfoliating provides better absorption of lotions, maintaining youthful and hydrated skin. Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs, less dehydrating, won't sting on shaving nicks and are good for all skin types, especially dry skin. 100% Natural | 92% Organic Tested on people not animals.

  • Baby Bum Spray Auto…
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    Aloe, Calendula and Chamomile are just a few of the soothing and healing ingredients in this Toxin-Free Bum Spray. Use as an alternative to conventional baby wipes, the oils will help soothe chapped, dry skin and redness. Also available in larger 250mL size . 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Juicy Cherry Hand &…
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    Cherry scented lather for smiles and happiness, Coconut Oil for soft skin and clean bits. It can all be yours, quick as cherry pie.

  • Ylang Ylang Massage…
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    Our all-natural Ylang Ylang massage butter includes a wealth of therapeutic base ingredients and essential oils to provide the ultimate in aromatherapy massage. The butter is a wonderful non-spill alternative to massage oils yet still offers the perfect glide for massage. Our massage butters absorb easily into the skin and we recommend you do not shower directly after using to allow the soothing and hydrating benefits of this product to penetrate the skin.The massage butter base is intensified by the soothing comfort of our essential oil blend. Subtle but playful, this blend of essential oils is sure to capture the mood." Ylang ylang, sweet orange and lavender essential oils are a stunning blend that work to provide an awakening of the senses... 100% Natural Tested on people not animals

  • Ylang Ylang Bath Salt…
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    Oh la la. . . . a treat for the senses! A combination of Epsom salts and coarse sea salts with ylang ylang, sweet orange and lavender essential oil. A stunning blend of essential oils that work to provide an awakening of your senses.

  • Baby Bum Powder Auto…
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    Made with a blend of natural vegetable starches and fine kaolin clay, this natural, talc-free baby powder is soft and silky. It goes on lightly, spreads well, and gives a dry, clean feeling important for little baby bottoms. Use before bedtime and the light scent of Lavender will help relax your little one for sleepy time. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Blossom Berry Soap Auto…
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    Pure ingredients, super-fatted soap for moisture, and our most amazing blend of fruits and flowers make this bar one not to miss. No really. . . it is so good that none of us can walk by racks of it in the workshop without stopping for a sniff.

  • Vanilla Coconut Foaming…
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    Free tea towel with the purchase of a 1L Liquid Soap The sweet scent of Vanilla and the carefree scent of Coconut in a fluffy, frothing, foaming soap. It feels silky on your skin and smells like heaven to your nose. You may be in the shower all day long. Also available in 270mL pump bottle. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Cool Feet Aromatherapy…
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    Peppermint and Tea Tree bring their cooling and anti-fungal powers to this handy spray. Take it with you to the beach, on a long flight, or in your gymbag to refresh your tootsies after a workout. Just shake and spray for instant ah.

  • Blossom Berry Body Lotion…
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    What do you love most, blossoms or berries? Can't decide? We couldn't either, that's why we made this amazing blend of both using only natural ingredients of course!

  • Nipple Butter Auto renew…
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    Made with Organic Cocoa, Shea & Mango Butters, this little jar of magic is a nursing mothers best friend. Safe for both mama and baby, and just a little will go a long way. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Bamboo Brightening Face…
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    Looking for a scrubby, deeply exfoliating experience to reveal your freshest face? This toxin-FREE polish uses Bamboo and Sugar to give an invigorating scrub for normal and oily skin types. You'll love the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus that gives it the fresh, 'wake me up' scent. We've added French Green Clay for its excellent detoxifying properties. Let the polish sit on your face for a while to get the full benefit of the Clay. Combining this Polish with water will give you the most intense exfoliation, but you can combine it with Cleansing Oil, Day Cream, Honey, Yogurt or whatever nourishing and natural base that your skin is craving. Polish away dead skin to reveal your freshest, most glowing complexion. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Blossom Berry Shampoo…
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    Nothing says feminine like the perfect blend of blossoms and berries. Natural ingredients will make your hair shine and your scalp sing and not a single toxin in sight! Lather up and love your hair! Also available in 240mL size. 100% Natural Shampoo Tested on people not animals.

  • Lemongrass Bath Salt…
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    There's nothing wrong with hiking 5000 feet mid-Feb to inhale the invigorating mountain air, but it can get a little scratchy in the lederhosen. So, for a shortcut hop in the tub with some Lemongrass. Also available in 1kg and 100g sizes. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Juicy Cherry Lip Butter…
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    The perfect amount of shea butter, beeswax and Cocoa Seed Butter blended with the scent of freshly picked cherries. . . sign up for sweet cherry kisses today.