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Mj's Floral Designs
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  • Peace & Calm Auto renew
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    It's not easy to stay calm and in control these days, there are so many barriers to peace. Like parking tickets, dirty diapers, moldy veggies, and piles of laundry. So here are a few helpful tips to bring a zen-like quality to your day: Lavender has no side-effects, unlike horse tranquilizers. Marjoram can help induce sleep but minimize snoring, and it won't retaliate when you elbow it in the ribs. This lovely box contains everything you need to pamper and soothe yourself into a state of restful bliss, most importantly of all it can be achieved without any weird ingredients or toxic chemicals. Open and indulge in the gift full of worry-free goodies.

  • Six Soap Sampler Auto…
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    Need a little more variety in life or at least your bathroom? Includes 50g bars of: Pumpkin Cinnamon Seaweed Lemongrass Raspberry Rooibos Lavender