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  • Mountain Springs Stress…
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    Stress Relief blend is a powerful and very relaxing mix of essential oils. Ideal for diffusers in the home or car, it is also a nice addition in the steamroom or sauna.

  • Juicy Cherry Shampoo…
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    Let the scent of ripe and juicy cherries turn hair washing time in to a summertime frolic, even in winter. Only natural ingredients will grace your child's head. And yes, its tear free too! This is the 500mL large size. Also available in 240mL size bottle . 100% Natural Shampoo Tested on people not animals.

  • Juicy Cherry Body Lotion…
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    What starts as a small white flower grows into a succulent fruit that is the favorite of bees, bears and humans everywhere. Get your cherry fix while luxuriating in super soft skin.

  • Lemongrass Deodorant…
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    Not only is Lemongrass a fantastic essential oil for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, it smells like a fresh alpine day. Shake this natural deodorant up well before rolling on to underarms. Allow it to dry and you're set for about 6 hours of non-funkiness. Reapply as needed. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals

  • Lemongrass Mini Tray…
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    Uplifting. Spirited. Citrusy. Mini Lemongrass Body Butter 15g Lemongrass Bar Soap Lemon Lime Lip Butter

  • Blossom Berry Bath Salt…
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    Enjoy our most fresh and feminine scent. A combination of flowers, fruits and epsom salts will dissolve your worries and make you feel as beautiful as you are. You may not want to get out of the tub, just a heads up.

  • Skin Care To Go Auto…
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    Now you can take your 100% natural skin care everywhere you go with these handy travel sizes of our Transformative Cleansing Oil, Pomegranate FaceCream, and Hydrating Toner. Pack up clean and beautifully hydrated skin along with your extra socks, toothbrush, and lint roller. For skin that looks and feels great naked. The Toner and Cleansing Oil are 15mL and the Day Cream is 20mL.

  • Unscented Conditioner…
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    100% natural conditioner that is totally scent free for those that are a little more sensitive than others. Gentle and conditioning, detangles and adds shine without weighing hair down. Replenishes moisture loss caused from chemical treatments. This is the 500mL large size. Also available in 240mL bottle . 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Juicy Cherry Body Butter…
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    Have amazingly soft and touchable skin while enjoying the scent of a fresh bowl of juicy cherries. Here's to summer all year round. 75.15% Organic 100% Natural

  • Lemongrass Cake Box…
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    Lemongrass is world famous. You'd never guess it because its so humble, but you might be amazed to learn that it is remarkably uplifting and energizing. Wash and butter with the ever-youthful, ever-smiling Lemongrass and you may feel so light-hearted you'll be walking on air. Best of all, all the ingredients are totally natural and good for you, no weird stuff here!

  • Avocado Facial Soap…
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    Avocado is rich in proteins and nutrients to soothe, nourish and moisturize the skin. A touch of German Chamomile helps to reduce inflammation and Lavender is added to further soothe skin sensitivities. The astringent properties of Grapefruit essential oil help to reduce oiliness and Vitamin E is added to help nourish the skin with it's antioxidant qualities. Green clay help to ease congested pores and balance oiliness. This soap is suitable for all skin types but is ideal for combination skin. This bar can also be used on other parts of the body where breakouts occur. Skin Type: Normal/Combination Also available in 100g bar size.

  • Blossom Berry Hand Cream…
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    This is a rich and nourishing hand lotion made without any parabens or any other icky ingredients. Just nourishing Jojoba, White Lily and Mango Butter for well protected digits at any time of year. It's a handy size as well, great to keep in your purse for dry hand emergencies.

  • Apricot Hand & Body…
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    Apricots and Coconut Oil bring a fresh and fruity joy to your morning shower. Luxuriate in soft skin and smelling like an orchard under the summer sun. Our castile soaps are all-natural cleansing and moisturizing gels that work to remove dirt and debris from the hands and body without drying the skin. With added glycerin and jojoba these soaps are gentle enough to use in the shower as a body wash or by the sink as a daily hand wash. Our popular blend of geranium and sweet orange essential oils provide a balancing and revitalizing blend of aromatherapy.

  • Minty Tea Tree Soap…
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    This stimulating bar contains three essential oil powerhouses. The combination of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus is invigorating and fresh, especially if you've got blocked sinuses. Tea Tree is known for its antibacterial and would healing properties and is often used to treat acne, cuts, burns and insect bites. Oily and combination skin Not for use on babies, inflamed or sensitive skin Suitable for face, hands and body Also available in smaller 100g bar size.

  • Vanilla Coconut Body…
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